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6 Steps for Cleaning Your Refrigerator January 17, 2019

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6 Steps for Cleaning Your Refrigerator, Honolulu, Hawaii

When it comes to taking care of household appliances, keeping a clean refrigerator is at the top of the list. Regular purging eliminates germs and grime that can make you sick and shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Here are a few steps for washing down your fridge.

How to Clean Your Fridge

1. Remove Everything

Take everything out of the refrigerator, including food, containers, drawers, bins, and shelves. Soak removable parts in a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water while cleaning the rest of the fridge.

2. Purge Old Items

Toss old condiments, open jelly containers, and other forgotten food items. Sniff leftovers and other perishables to check for freshness and throw away anything that seems off. Store perishables that are still good in a cooler while you finish cleaning.

3. Wipe It Down

household appliancesUsing the same solution of dishwashing soap and warm water, wipe down every surface inside the refrigerator with a microfiber cloth or clean sponge. Use an old toothbrush for hard-to-reach crevices and corners and a thin rag to get to rubber seals where crumbs can collect. Refrain from using harsh chemical cleaners or bleach on household appliances that contain food since these can contaminate your items.

4. Scrub Stains

If your equipment has tough stains, mix a bit of baking soda and water to create a paste. Leave this mixture on the stain for about an hour to loosen the particles, then wipe it all away with a damp cloth. Also, place a fresh box of baking soda inside your clean refrigerator to absorb odors.

5. Clean the Exterior

Dishwashing liquid or white vinegar solutions will also clean and disinfect the outside of the refrigerator. Household appliances with handles like the fridge store germs from many hands opening and closing them. Remember to wipe down the top of the appliance and dust vents at the bottom as well.

6. Restock

After rinsing and drying shelves and bins, return them to their spots. Put perishables back inside as well. Keep milk and eggs at the back where temperature fluctuations are less frequent. Store condiments and jams on the door since they fare better against temperature changes. Any meats should be stored on a plate or in a container on the bottom shelf.  


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