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Do's and Don’ts After Pet Surgery January 18, 2019

Avon, Livingston
Do's and Don’ts After Pet Surgery, Avon, New York

Pet surgery can be stressful for both you and your beloved animal. It’s important to take the proper steps once your pet arrives home post-surgery by creating an environment that facilitates optimum healing and prevents any issues or injuries from occurring. The following tips will help ensure that your pet will be back to normal as soon as possible.


Make sure your pet is comfortable.

If you have a pet bed, clean and dry it before surgery day. Move it to a safe, quiet place—in your bedroom or a spare bedroom—for the time being. This will allow your pet to rest thoroughly. Make sure any other pets don’t have access to your healing furry friend so they can heal comfortably without distractions. 

Set up barriers.

Going up the stairs may be dangerous. To prevent accidents, set up barriers near staircases and other potentially dangerous areas. Child gates are ideal in this case, but you can use boxes and furniture such as chairs and tables that they can’t easily move to block off stairs. 


Ignore the veterinarian’s instructions. 

Pet SurgeryYour vet will provide you with instructions after the pet surgery is completed. Following these instructions is crucial for the health of your furry friend. Most animals don’t enjoy taking pills, but they must be administered according to your vet’s schedule. Also, while wound care can be uncomfortable, you must clean the area as instructed. Be sure to follow recommendations related to walks and activity as well. 

Feed them crunchy or large meals. 

While you may be tempted to feed your pet crunchy treats or a larger meal than usual, make sure they only eat soft and veterinarian-approved foods. Any unapproved treats can disrupt the surgical site—if it’s located in the mouth—or irritate your furry friend’s stomach. You can make eating easier by relocating the water and food bowl next to their bed so they don’t have to travel far. 



Avon Animal Hospital in Avon, NY, cares about your pet as much as you do. This clinic offers spaying and neutering, dental procedures, in-house diagnostic, lab testing, and pet surgery for furry clients across Livingston County. They also offer pet boarding and laser therapy, which is great for pain management. To schedule a pet exam, call (585) 226-6144 today. You can also visit the website to see their complete listing of services.

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