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5 Tips to Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Breaking January 22, 2019

Cold Spring, Campbell
5 Tips to Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Breaking, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Purchasing eyeglasses is an investment and considering the importance of your eyesight, it’s one you’ll want to protect. Unfortunately, because glasses are worn on a daily basis and can be fragile, they often sustain damage. To ensure your glasses last and you don’t have to make unexpected trips to have them fixed, here are a few tips to prevent damage.

How to Protect Your Eyeglasses 

1. Always Use a Case

Every time you remove your eyeglasses, place them in a hard case to reduce your chances of crushing them. This will prevent you from accidentally putting an object on them or sitting on them, as well as mitigate the risks of forgetting where they are. 

2. Prevent Temperature Changes

Avoid leaving your glasses in the car, as intense heat or cold can damage them as the material expands and contracts. The frames could become misshapen, and the lenses could crack. Instead, always bring them inside with you.

3. Perform Regular Maintenance

Keep an eyeglasses repair kit on hand to tighten screws as needed. Your kit should contain nose pads to improve comfort and soft cloths to keep your lenses clean. Maintaining your eyeglasses will prevent wear and tear and ensure a more comfortable fit. 

4. Remove them Gently

eyeglassesMany people take their glasses off by grasping one side of the frame and pulling forward. This method can cause the side hinges to become misshapen. Instead, place one hand on each side of the frame and carefully pull the glasses forward and up around the ears to minimize friction.

5. Wear Appropriate Frames

If your glasses break a lot, purchase thick plastic lenses, which are very durable. Or, look for memory metal frames that can bend without breaking. When you get a new pair, always add a warranty, so you can get repairs as needed.


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