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A Residential Electrician's Tips for Troubleshooting Your Circuit Breakers January 21, 2019

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
A Residential Electrician's Tips for Troubleshooting Your Circuit Breakers, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

A power outage is a frustrating experience for any homeowner. To help you manage an unexpected outage, it’s important to learn how to troubleshoot a circuit breaker. In addition to calling a professional, residential electricians recommend that homeowners take the following steps. By doing so, you may be able to identify the electrical issue and get the power running again.

How Do You Troubleshoot Your Home Circuit Breakers?

Restart a Tripped Breaker

Before you can troubleshoot a circuit breaker, you need to confirm that it’s tripped. Most of the time, tripped breakers will make a humming sound. This indicates that it has not yet shut down. Once you open the breaker, you will notice that the lever is in the middle of the “off” and “on.” To restart the breaker, pull the lever to the “off” position, then turn it back on. The power should come back, but you might have additional problems if it goes back off again.

Know Your Home’s Electrical Load Capacity

residential electricianMany breakers become tripped because they are overloaded. Notice when your power goes out and how many devices you have plugged in at the time. Try unplugging some devices and appliances before restarting the circuit. A residential electrician can also help you identify your home’s load capacity and avoid overload in the future.

Test the Circuit Breaker

If you can’t get the circuit to stay on, and it is not overloaded, you will want to check the breaker again. In a functioning circuit breaker, the lever will have a bit of resistance when you try to move it. Loose levers indicate that the circuit breaker is broken. If this is the case for you, it’s time to repair or replace it.

Learn the Signs of Wiring Problems

Some circuit breakers will frequently trip because of wiring issues. Wiring mistakes, loose wiring, and damage to the wires can all cause the power to shut off. You may also experience electric shock when trying to plug in certain appliances. Since it can be easy to make mistakes or harm yourself while rewiring a home, be sure to always call a professional. They will ensure that the new wiring is installed safely and according to local building codes.

Schedule Inspections

To avoid sudden outages and circuit breaker problems, schedule professional electrical inspections. A residential electrician can test your breakers, wiring, and appliances to ensure that the system is functioning properly. If they spot an issue, they can correct them before it causes damage. 


If your circuit breaker is acting up, call the professionals at E-Con Electric in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. This team of commercial and residential electricians has the experience necessary to keep your home’s power functioning all year long. Whether you are in need of rewiring services, HVAC electrical installations, or home lighting improvements, they will provide quality results every time. This team also offers 24-hour emergency electrical services, keeping your safety at the center of their work. To view a full list of services, visit them online. You can also call (715) 423-8440 for an estimate. 

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