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Vacation Club vs. Timeshare: What’s the Difference? January 18, 2019

Waikiki, Honolulu
Vacation Club vs. Timeshare: What’s the Difference?, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re a frequent vacationer, you could benefit from investing in a program that offers access to prime travel spots. Vacation clubs and timeshares provide you with a place to stay at particular locations as long as you pay an annual fee. But what exactly separates the two programs? Here’s a helpful guide to explain what makes a vacation club and timeshare different.

What Are the Differences Between Vacation Clubs & Timeshares?

Vacation Club

Vacation clubs typically have a diverse selection of residences all around the globe. As a member of a vacation club, you’re granted points-based access to high-end resorts across a wide range of destinations. You purchase these points yourself, but keep in mind that popular destinations cost more points, especially during peak travel seasons. However, when you book early, your choices are nearly endless because there are many openings.


vacation clubOwning a timeshare means that you pay for the right to use a property as your vacationing home. Through this program, you’re a deeded joint owner, so you’ll need to pay annual maintenance fees, even if you don’t go on vacation. Before you purchase, you’ll decide on and agree to a timeshare plan that outlines the weeks during the year you can use the unit. As a timeshare owner, you have a guaranteed annual lodgings every year without having to deal with the stress of making vacation hotel reservations.

Which Should You Choose?

Both programs have advantages and disadvantages. If you’re debating between the two, consider your vacationing preferences. Do you wish to travel during any time of the year, go to different destinations, or have a growing family that may need additional rooms in the future? A vacation club may suit your situation better. Are you looking for a vacation home without the exorbitant costs of full ownership? A timeshare purchase would be your best solution. Think carefully about your needs and choose the program that’ll enhance your vacationing experience.


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