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5 Tips for Dressing Well on a Budget January 17, 2019

Fairport, Monroe
5 Tips for Dressing Well on a Budget, Fairport, New York

Although the price tags at your favorite boutique might tell you otherwise, it’s possible to be stylish without paying top dollar. All you need while shopping for trendy women’s apparel is an astute eye and a bit of technique. Next time you’re strapped on cash but eager to update your wardrobe, keep these tips in mind.

How to Stay Stylish on a Tight Budget

1. Sell Clothes You Don’t Want

Over the years, you’ve likely accumulated a considerable collection of women’s apparel. Instead of keeping items you never wear, let them go. You can sell gently-used merchandise that doesn’t fit or appeal to you anymore to a consignment store. That extra cash can go toward your next shopping trip.

2. Go for Versatile Looks

While it’s tempting to shop for the latest trends, remember that those styles tend to fall out of fashion over time. Not to mention, they are often too expensive to keep up with. Lean more toward classic women’s apparel that will always be in style, such as a basic pair of jeans, neutral-colored button-down tops, and jean jackets. These are much more versatile and affordable, and can be paired with trendier items. 

3. Try a Consignment Shop

women's apparelWhen you go to a consignment shop, you’re almost guaranteed to find a few hidden gems. These businesses only take high-quality clothing for resale. Fans of designer clothes can even grab their favorite brands gently-enjoyed at a discounted rate, so that you can fill your closet with the top names in women’s apparel.

4. Learn to Layer

Once you get the hang of matching colors and styles, layering clothes is a cinch. Rather than buying entire outfits, use what you already have or purchase a few new pieces and find different ways to layer them. This is where versatile pieces will come in handy as well.

5. Accessorize

Add flare to your ensemble with some choice accessories. Pieces as simple as scarves, hats, and fashion jewelry can class up an outfit without breaking the bank. An eye-catching purse or bright pair of shoes may be the finishing touch your look needs.



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