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How to Reduce the Risk of Getting in a Motorcycle Accident This Winter January 29, 2019

Boston, Suffolk
How to Reduce the Risk of Getting in a Motorcycle Accident This Winter, Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re a new motorcyclist—or a bike is your only means of transportation—it’s important to practice safety on the road. Although riding during the colder months poses an additional risk, you can avoid a motorcycle accident if you follow a few simple safety tips. Here are just a few ways to reduce sustaining a personal injury in a crash this winter. 

3 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in the Winter

1. Slow Down

Temperature fluctuations can alter tire pressure, which subsequently affects traction. For example, cold air causes tire pressure to drop, which will inhibit handling and durability. Therefore, reduce your speed in the winter months. This will prevent you from losing control, and it will also provide you with more time to react to hazards, such as black ice and salt. 

2. Bundle Up

motorcycle accidentIf your ears are cold, toes are numb, or fingers are frozen, it’s going to be hard to focus on the traffic around you. To avoid getting distracted by the discomfort of riding in the cold, make sure to bundle up before every ride. Keep in mind that it’s still important to put on adequate safety gear when wearing layers, which means you may have to invest in new, larger gear to accommodate layers. 

3. Modify Your Bike

Placing a large windscreen and oversized handguards on your bike will ensure comfort on long winter rides. This, in turn, will allow you to concentrate on getting to your destination safely. Wind chill may not be much of a problem in the summertime, but in the winter, it can have a major impact on the temperature. An adequate windscreen will also protect you from sand, salt, hail, and other airborne debris, and prevent a motorcycle accident.



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