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5 Common Signs You Need to Schedule an Oven Repair January 17, 2019

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5 Common Signs You Need to Schedule an Oven Repair , Ogden, New York

From baking bread to cooking holiday meals, ovens are the workhorses of your kitchen. So when these essential appliances stop working the way they should, being a home chef can feel like a nearly impossible task. If you’re eager to get your kitchen back in order, you might be quick to replace your non-working oven. But in many cases, this equipment can be returned to its previous working condition with professional repair. To help you protect your investment, here are a few signs why you should consider oven repair before replacement.  

Oven Problems That Benefit From Appliance Repair

1. Preheating Problems   

If your oven takes a long time to preheat or doesn’t turn on at all, the problem is likely due to a faulty part such as heating elements, relays, temperature sensors, or gas igniters. Since it can be difficult to tell what the source of the problem is, it’s best to call an oven repair specialist to safely identify the faulty part and replace it.  

2. Undercooked or Overcooked Food

You might think you’re to blame if your meals are constantly undercooked or burned by the oven. However, if the problem happens often, it’s likely due to an issue with the thermostat. Appliance repair specialists can make sure the thermostat is connected properly and is calibrated to create the right temperatures.

3. Broken Burners

oven repairWhen burners on a range aren’t heating up, you may be able to fix the problem by carefully cleaning the pilots and burning elements while the oven is off. If you have an electric stove, removing and re-inserting the burner may do the trick. If these quick fixes aren’t enough, call an oven repair specialist to identify the problem part—such as a socket or burner valve—and replace it.

4. Door Won’t Close

Oven doors should always seal close. If they don’t, you run the risk of losing heat, wasting energy, and ruining your meal. In many cases, this problem can be professionally repaired by replacing old gaskets or door hinges.

5. Strange Noises or Odors  

Strange non-food odors and rattling sounds may indicate a loose part or wiring issue that could result in a fire. Anytime you smell or hear something unusual coming from your oven, stop using the appliance immediately and call a professional who can address any potential safety risks.



Serving the Rochester, NY, area, Nick's Refrigeration and Advanced Appliance is a trusted resource for all your oven repair needs. Dedicated to helping customers save money, these skilled technicians will locate problems, replace faulty parts, and make reliable repairs so that you won’t have to replace your equipment. Beyond oven service, this team can also help address many other problems affecting kitchen appliances, including refrigerators and dishwashers. Visit this team online to learn more about their comprehensive services or call (585) 663-5610 to request prompt assistance.

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