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How to Read Construction Blueprints January 17, 2019

Mountain Home, Baxter
How to Read Construction Blueprints, Mountain Home, Arkansas

When you work with a general contractor to build or renovate your home, they will do their best to make sure you understand what they’re doing through the whole process. Every planning meeting will be easier; however, if you can read the blueprints they’re working off of. These seemingly complex plans are easy to understand once you know how they’re laid out and how to read them.

General Contractor’s Guide to Reading Blueprints

What’s Included in a Set

metal roofsEvery set of construction plans usually has the same set of information. The cover page has the title block on it, which includes overall information such as who designed the plans, when they were designed, and the plan number. The revision block contains a list of all changes done to the designs and the date it was changed so they can be easily tracked.

The other information on the cover page is meant to help your general contractor read the plans with accuracy. The drawing scale tells you the scale ratio of the drawings from inches to feet. For example, a drawing scale of 1/10” means that one-tenth of an inch equals one foot in reality. The legend defines all the symbols used throughout the blueprints.

How to Read Different Types of Plan

Floor plans show each floor of the building, including all walls, doors, windows, stairs, and major fixtures. Refer to the drawing scale to compare to the real size, and the legend to see what the symbols mean. Section plans are a cross-section of the building, which you won’t be working with as often as you will the floor plan. These are used, however, to show the layouts of important walls — such as the locations of the studs and insulation — or the layout of interior cabinetry. Finally, the elevation plan will show you what the exterior of the building looks like, such as the shutters and siding material, and it may showcase the landscaping.


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