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How to Handle Frozen Car Locks February 15, 2019

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How to Handle Frozen Car Locks, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

When the temperatures are low enough, moisture that’s crept into your auto locks can freeze. While the issue can be fixed, rushing to fix the problem may result in damage to your car keys or the locking system itself. To help you avoid these costly and inconvenient mishaps, here are a few important tips to help you prevent and resolve frozen car door locks.

How Can You Prevent Frozen Auto Locks?

The single best way to prevent frozen locks is to keep your car parked in a garage during the winter months. However, if you must leave your vehicle out where moisture is present, you can treat the locks to minimize the risk of freezing.

auto locksOne of the best ways to do this is to spray the lock with penetrating oil such as WD-40®. This lubricant coats the internal lock components so that any incoming moisture won’t be able to stick and freeze. This preventive method should be done every few weeks during the cold weather season.

What Should You Do If Auto Locks Are Frozen?

If you have de-icer spray available, apply to both the lock and the car key. If you don’t have de-icer, petroleum jelly, or rubbing alcohol are other options that can work. Once the substance is applied, gently insert and turn the key back and forth to slowly melt the ice and free up the lock. If you use too much force, the car key may break, requiring you to seek help from an auto locksmith.

Another way to unfreeze a car lock is to apply heat directly to the area. All-metal keys can be warmed up with a lighter and inserted into the lock to transfer heat and melt the ice. If it can be done safely, you might also consider using an extension cord to power-up a blow-dryer and direct hot air against the lock.


If these tips aren’t enough to unfreeze your auto locks, turn to the professional services of Ability Lock & Key in Winston-Salem, NC. As a mobile locksmith serving the Piedmont-Triad area, this service will come to your location to provide swift and reliable assistance. And, in the event your car key has broken off in the lock, these specialists are equipped to remove and replace your keys as well as repair any lock damage. For more details on their capabilities, visit this experienced auto locksmith online. To request responsive care, call a friendly team member at (336) 784-0226.

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