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What Are the Best Home Renovation Projects for Each Season? January 10, 2019

Westerville, Franklin
What Are the Best Home Renovation Projects for Each Season?, Westerville, Ohio

Investing in a home renovation project will make your space more efficient and comfortable for the family now and boost its value if you ever decide to sell. Although remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, or additional living spaces can take place any time, there are certain projects, highlighted here, you should save for specific seasons. Doing so could make the entire process easier, lead to better results, and save money in the long-run.  

What Home Renovations Are Best to Save for Specific Seasons?

1. Replace Your Central Air System in the Spring

Although temperatures start to rise once spring arrives, many homeowners don’t turn on their air conditioners until late in the season or early summer. If your current cooling system is old, the beginning of spring is the best time to have new equipment installed. Contractors field fewer requests for AC service this time of year, which means you might have more flexibility in scheduling the appointment. Investing in this home renovation means you won’t have to worry about equipment inefficiencies that lead to high energy bills during summer heatwaves.

2. Install New Windows During the Summer

home renovationTo combat the heat, many people keep their air conditioners running non-stop throughout the summer months. If there are gaps in window frames or additional damage, conditioned air can seep out of the house. Equipment has to work harder to make up for the air loss, causing an increase in energy costs in the process. To prevent this, schedule new a window installation at the start of summer. A technician can switch out single-pane windows for double-pane fixtures to keep the house insulated and prevent heat transfer and air loss. 

3. Save Exterior Painting for the Fall

In some areas of the country, outdoor humidity levels are high during spring and summer. If you choose to paint the house exterior, the moisture could slow down the drying process. It is also difficult for wood and other materials to absorb paint in humid conditions, which could leave unsightly streaks or patches on the surfaces. Fall is the best time to paint, as the air is often drier but it’s still relatively warm for painters to finish the project quickly. 

4. Build a Deck, Patio, or Porch During the Winter

Due to the frigid conditions, many families spend more time indoors during winter and save exterior home renovations for spring and summer. As contractors field fewer requests, consider installing a porch, patio, or deck during the winter months. As there’s less demand, materials and labor costs could also be cheaper than at other points during the year. Getting the project out of the way in winter means your family will have more time to enjoy the new addition once the weather gets warmer.


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