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The Solea® Dental Laser Is Coming to Society Hill Dental in Lewisburg! January 21, 2019

Lewisburg, Union
 The Solea® Dental Laser Is Coming to Society Hill Dental in Lewisburg!, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Innovations in the dental industry continue to provide new, more efficient means of treatment. The team at Society Hill Dental in Lewisburg, PA, is committed to providing our patients with industry-leading treatment options and cutting-edge technology, and we’re excited to announce that we will soon be using the Solea® All-Tissue Dental Laser. This groundbreaking machine completely transforms the way cavity preps and other treatments are performed. For patients, that means NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT NEEDLES AND DRILLS. Here’s what you need to know:

Your Guide to the Solea All-Tissue Dental Laser

What Is It?

The Solea All-Tissue Dental Laser by Convergent Dental can be used to prepare cavities and perform hard- and soft-tissue surgeries without the hassle of traditional tools or the need for anesthesia. By creating a unique wavelength, the dental laser can vaporize tooth enamel and provide fast, precise treatment—without the sound of buzzing drills or the uncomfortable pressure that comes along with it. It’s coupled with industry-leading software for optimal laser control and has numerous applications in the workplace.

What Are the Benefits?

dental-laser-society-hill-dental-in-lewisburg-llcBecause the Solea All-Tissue Dental Laser eliminates the need for anesthesia, treatments can be completed more quickly and are more comfortable for the patient, with little to no sensation reported. Removing needles, drills, and other instruments from the equation also reduces anxiety, and without blood or sutures, you’ll feel much more relaxed. Due to the dental laser’s efficiency and precision, dentists can also begin performing soft-tissue surgeries in the office; that way, you won’t have to be referred to outside practices. Dentists have the full backing and support of a Solea trainer-dentist and their library of resources.

If you have an upcoming dental treatment and are ready to try the Solea All-Tissue Dental Laser, call (570) 523-3207 to schedule an appointment with Society Hill Dental in Lewisburg. We offer a wide scope of dental care services, including cosmetic enhancements, and you can count on Dr. Bonomo working closely with you to achieve lasting results. Visit our website to explore our practice further and connect on Facebook for news and dental care advice.

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