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A Brief History of the Septic System January 17, 2019

Kirbyville, Jasper
A Brief History of the Septic System, Kirbyville, Texas

Your septic system provides a vital duty that ensures your household runs efficiently all day long. In fact, most homeowners don’t really give it a second thought unless the septic tank needs pumping or the system requires repairs. However, there’s more to this complex system than meets the eye. Here’s some intriguing information about how it came to be.

A Look at the History of the Septic System

How Did the Septic System Develop?

Waste disposal advancements are largely attributed to Jean-Louis Mouras, a Frenchman who sought to create a clean method that eliminated the problems associated with using outdoor facilities. He crafted a concrete tank that was attached to clay pipes and would discreetly direct waste from the property to the yard. He used this system religiously for at least a decade before opening the tank. What he found was a surprise — a layer of liquid scum, without any additional waste. Mouras connected with a scientist, and together they created a more sophisticated version of the earlier prototype. After patenting the system in 1881, it quickly caught on. By 1883, it arrived in the United States.

What Were Early Systems Like?

septic systemThe early septic system was effective, but primitive. Americans sought to follow the design of the original model while using sturdier materials to prevent spillage. Tanks were created using either steel or concrete, with their contents directed into a drain field. In the early years, they worked well — but as they aged, the steel and concrete eventually began to rust and crack. As communities grew and filled with homes and businesses, the need for quality septic tanks increased.

How Are Modern Septic Systems Different?

The beauty of the septic system is that its initial blueprint has not changed. The methodology of the product — directing waste away from the property into a tank via high-quality piping — still remains the same. Modern models, however, are designed with the sturdiest possible materials, such as fiberglass, PVC, and precast concrete. They’re also subject to routine septic tank pumping, which promotes cleanliness and protects the drain field from failure.


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