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3 Reasons You Should Update Your Dog's Vaccines Regularly January 17, 2019

Elkton, Cecil
3 Reasons You Should Update Your Dog's Vaccines Regularly, Elkton, Maryland

Just like people, dogs need vaccines to maintain immunity from several serious diseases  Dog vaccinations will also require a booster to keep them working as effectively as possible. For more insight into the importance of regular vaccines, here are three reasons to update them regularly. 

Why It’s Important to Keep Up With Your Pet’s Vaccinations 

1. Prevents Harmful Diseases

dog vaccinationsRegular dog vaccinations will help protect your furry family member against several diseases, including Lyme disease, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Dog Flu, Kennel Cough, and Rabies. Not doing so can leave your pet vulnerable. The frequency of vaccinations will depend on your pet’s age and health history.

2. Avoids Costly Risks

There are several inherent risks associated with failing to keep up with dog vaccinations. Since your pet will be left vulnerable to harmful or even deadly diseases, you’ll be faced with costly veterinarian bills to treat or mitigate these sicknesses. Additionally, you can also risk exposing other animals, or even people, to harmful diseases if you’re not diligent with routine vaccinations.

3. Promotes Longevity

Getting your dog on a regular vaccination schedule will mean more visits to the vet. As a result, you’ll receive regular updates on your pet’s health and be able to catch anything problematic before it becomes worse. This will help promote your pet’s longevity and overall health. One year is equal to approximately 5 years for a dog. Therefore it is important to have your pet receive a complete physical exam at least once each year which often coincides with vaccinations.


If you need dog vaccinations for your beloved pet, put your trust in Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital in Elkton, MD. For over 53 years, this trusted animal clinic has provided services from flea control, to neutering and spaying, to pet surgery for pets throughout Cecil County. Dr. Douglas Foreman and Dr. Roberta Mauro and their professional team are committed to providing the best pet care possible to promote pet health, happiness, and longevity. To schedule an appointment, call (410) 398-1331 or visit them online to see a full list of services. 

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