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3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Model Train Display January 11, 2019

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3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Model Train Display, Jacksonville, Arkansas

A model train display is a project with seemingly endless possibilities. It sparks the imagination and is great for impressing guests. Because it’s such a complex display, there are many different things that may go wrong. When you deal with an issue, it’s important to understand common causes so you can get it up and running again. Below, you’ll find a few problems people experience and potential solutions.

Troubleshooting Common Model Train Issues

1. Derailment

A derailment can have many causes. Sometimes, one of the cars simply isn’t placed correctly on the track. In other cases, it may be an issue with a switch or the actual track. If it’s a repeat incident that occurs in the same area, take a closer look. Have you recently added scenery? If so, make sure you didn’t interfere with the track. If the same car keeps derailing, check it for any issues, and make sure you’re not running the model train too fast.

2. No Power

model-train-rail-and-sprue-hobbiesIf your train won’t turn on, there’s probably an electrical issue somewhere. First, check the primary power plug to ensure it’s connected to the outlet. Then, check the cable for any damage. If the model train is powered through the track, look for any wiring issues. It may be a simple fix, or it could be a larger issue like a broken power supply. Speak with professionals if you’re not comfortable working with electricity, as you may damage other components.

3. Sticking to the Track

Over time, dust, grime, and other debris will form on your model train display. This can cause your trains to stick to the track. If you experience this problem, take a close look where it occurs. You may need to do a thorough cleaning. Be careful when doing this, and make sure to use recommended products from a hobby shop for the best results.


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