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3 Signs You Need Septic Pumping Service January 17, 2019

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3 Signs You Need Septic Pumping Service, Greensboro, North Carolina

Household waste is separated into three layers in the septic tank before distribution in the drain field for further treatment. Solids sink to the bottom of the container, while scum floats to the top and effluent settles in the middle. Then the wastewater filters out of the tank into the distribution box, and the sludge stays behind. To make sure this process continues smoothly underground without worry, septic pumping services should be scheduled every three to five years to remove the grime. If you fall behind with maintenance, there are a few ways to tell that the tank is overflowing and in need of pumping.

How to Know You Need to Schedule Septic Pumping Service 

1. Sewage Backups Inside the House

When sludge is left to accumulate at the bottom of the septic tank, it will eventually fill the entire container. This means there will be no room to receive new waste. With nowhere to go, the sewage flows back up through pipes and settles in drains. The waste contains bacteria that could make your family sick. It will also leave a bad odor inside the house, so call a septic maintenance specialist for assistance. 

2. Overgrown Patches in the Lawn

If the grass appears greener and lusher in certain areas of the yard, an overflowing septic tank could be to blame. When sewage seeps out of the container, it settles in the surrounding soil. The sewage contains nutrients that feed grass roots, causing the turf to grow rapidly. Apart from septic pumping, a technician can also examine the tank and leach field lines for punctures. If the fixtures are ruptured, effluent will seep out and cause the grass to grow quickly.

3. Puddles in the Yard That Won’t Dry

pumping servicesApart from overly lush grass, inspect the yard for standing puddles. If it hasn’t rained but you notice pools of water on the grass, the liquid could be effluent or raw sewage. The puddles will grow larger and turn your yard into a smelly swimming pool, so call a technician as soon as possible for pumping services.


For help caring for your septic system, contact the technicians at Nick Driggers Pumping Service. Based in Greensboro, NC, the contractors will provide routine pumping as well as septic tank inspections and repairs to identify and resolve problems before they cause household disruptions. To schedule pumping service in Guilford County, call (336) 215-4408. Visit the company online to learn how your system will benefit from routine upkeep, and like them on Facebook for useful information to identify any performance issues.

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