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How Can Professional Pet Bathing Save Time & Hassle? January 17, 2019

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How Can Professional Pet Bathing Save Time & Hassle?, Highland Village, Texas

Many people try pet bathing at home and quickly learn it’s not the easiest task. Instead of putting your pup in the bathtub, struggling as they try to squirm away, consider going to a groomer instead. Here are five benefits you’ll gain by getting professional help.

5 Benefits of Professional Grooming

1. Reducing Your Pet’s Stress

Professional groomers have ample experience handling animal anxiety. They know plenty of tricks to distract pups from the bathing process and keep them happy and calm. 

pet bathing Highland Park TX2. Keeping the Bathroom Clean

DIY pet bathing can quickly make your bathroom wet and messy. You’ll clean the dog and then likely have to clean the tub, curtains, and walls. Avoid this chaos by taking the dog to a pet spa.

3. Promoting Safety

It can be challenging to get a dog into the bathtub and owners or pets may be injured in the process. Groomers have facilities that are built for dog bathing, making it easy to get your furry friend into and out of the bath area without risking anyone’s safety.

4. Bathing Techniques

Dogs are often susceptible to ear issues and have to be carefully washed to keep water out of these delicate canals. Groomers are trained in bathing techniques and know which areas require more attention. They’ll also have a myriad of animal-specific soaps on hand to encourage shiny, healthy fur.

5. Timing

When owners bathe dogs, the process can take a long time because of inexperience. Alternatively, some people may not rinse their pups long enough and accidentally leave behind some soap that causes itchiness and irritation. Pet bathing experts will be able to get your dog in and out of the washing station quickly and efficiently thanks to their knowledge and skills. 


Dog owners looking for pet bathing assistance should set up an appointment with Dogtopia of Highland Village in Denton County, TX. Their team has been in business since 2002 and offers daycare, boarding, and spa services. Call (972) 264-1178 or visit the website for information on their nail trims, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and bath time massages to help your dog look and feel their best.

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