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4 Items You Should Never Put in Your Dishwasher January 17, 2019

Downtown Matthews, Morning Star
4 Items You Should Never Put in Your Dishwasher, Morning Star, North Carolina

Dishwashers are convenient, time-saving appliances — but this doesn’t mean they can be used for cleaning every kitchen product. The powerful cleaning processes and hot water used by these appliances can damage certain items. Avoid the need to buy replacements by washing the following items by hand.

Top 4 Items to Keep Out of the Dishwasher

1. Wood Products

appliancesWood cutting boards, spoons, and other kitchen implements can be severely damaged by even a single dishwasher cycle. The hot water will dull and warp the product’s finish, which can crack the wood and render it unusable.

2. Cast Iron Skillets

Cast iron skillets require a very specific cleaning regimen to maintain their built-in seasoning. Proper use allows the skillet to build up a non-stick coating and develop its own distinctive seasoning blend. Running the skillet through a dishwasher will remove these materials. Worse still, the dishwasher cycle could cause the skillet to rust.

3. Plastic Items

Appliances and plasticware don’t mix — especially when high heat is involved. You should never wash Tupperware containers or plastic utensils in the dishwasher — or put them in a microwave — unless they have been labeled as safe for that appliance. Exposure to high heat could melt the plastic. “Dishwasher safe” plastics should only be washed in the top rack.

4. Sharp Knives

Sharp cutlery knives can create serious problems in the microwave. Not only can the washing cycle dull the blades and reduce their effectiveness, but the knives’ sharp edges could damage other items in the dishwasher. If you’re not careful, you could also cut your hands when unloading the dishwasher.


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