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How to Ease Your Pet's Fear of the Veterinarian January 17, 2019

Antelope Park, Lincoln
How to Ease Your Pet's Fear of the Veterinarian, Lincoln, Nebraska

Visiting the veterinarian is one of the responsibilities of being a pet parent. However, it can often be a stressful experience for your furry, feathered, or reptilian family member. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to quell their anxiety and make for a more positive experience, explained in the guide below.

Ways to Make Your Pet More Comfortable Going to the Veterinarian’s Office

Acclimate Your Pet to the Car First

Many animals will start to get nervous and shaky as soon as you put them in the car, expecting a dreaded visit to the veterinarian. To help prevent this, get in the habit of bringing your pet along with you regularly, either to run errands or to treat them to a fun day of running in the park. 

Make Vet Visits Part of the Routine

veterinarianAlong the same lines of familiarization, make vet visits part of your routine as well so they seem less intimidating to your pet. If, for example, the vet is on the way to something you’re already driving to, stop in and let your pet meet and greet the staff. Many vets will encourage this behavior and may even reward them with a treat. This can go a long way toward making veterinarian visits a more positive and less threatening experience.

Remain Calm & Composed

Your pet will feed off of your energy. Therefore, remain calm and composed when taking them to the vet. Start by speaking in a regular tone and avoid babying them more than usual, as this can send a signal that something dangerous is coming. If your pet behaves positively, try rewarding him with a treat.

When it comes to taking care of your beloved pet, trust the veterinarians at A-4 Animal Hospital. Located in Lincoln, NE, they specialize in caring for a range of animals, from cats and dogs to more exotic pets like birds and lizards. They also offer pet boarding services for your convenience. To schedule an appointment, give them a call today at (402) 475-2282 or visit them online for more information about their offerings.

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