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What Level of Tanning Does Your Skin Tone Require? January 18, 2019

What Level of Tanning Does Your Skin Tone Require?, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Tanning is a popular method for achieving the appearance of summer without having to wait for warmer temperatures. One of the major components in determining the length of an appointment is skin tone. The guide below can help you know your color so you can plan ahead for your appointment. 

What Are the Different Skin Types?

Skin types have been organized into six different classes. The first three are all light in appearance but react differently under the sun. Tell the experts at the salon whether you tend to burn easily without tanning, you burn but then tan after the redness wears off, or if you are not as sensitive to light. Alternatively, some people may have olive skin that doesn’t burn often, darker skin that develops a solid tan when exposed to sunlight, or skin that is so dark that tanning has only a subtle effect on your color.

How Does Each Skin Type Tan?

tanningThose with lighter skin will require a gradual tanning process that includes a series of short consecutive visits. This allows for a slightly darker hue to develop without running the risk of burning. Darker complexions won’t need to spend as much time at the tanning salon. Their natural tolerance to sunlight will alleviate the possibility of irritating the skin and allow for a tanned appearance to be acquired in a single visit.


If you’re interested in achieving a sun-kissed look in the middle of the winter, reach out to the professionals at Touch of Bronze. This salon has two convenient locations in Stillwater, OK, each equipped with an assortment of quality tanning beds and a collection of sunless tanning products available for their clients’ use. Call (405) 533-1826 to schedule an appointment today or visit their website to see a current list of specials, including getting your first tan for free.

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