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3 Advantages of Central Heating Over Fireplaces January 16, 2019

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3 Advantages of Central Heating Over Fireplaces, Liberty, Ohio

Sitting by a crackling fire on a cold day is a lovely and comfortable experience, but that warm glow isn’t necessarily the best option for heating your entire home. While the flames provide a cozy warmth, a central heating system offers a more reliable source of heat. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to get rid of your fireplace. Here are some of the reasons why fireplace owners can benefit from getting a central heating system installed by a professional HVAC contractor.

Why You Should Have a Central Heating System Installed

1. Consistent Warmth Throughout Your Home

Once the central heating system is installed by a professional contractor, you’ll immediately begin to feel the benefits. Instead of a focused source of heat like a fireplace, the central heating system moves warm air throughout the entire home via a network of ducts. Instead of being met with an unpleasant and icy shock each time you move away from the room with a fireplace, you’ll experience an even and consistent warmth wherever you go.

2. Easily Adjustable Temperature

HVAC contractorWhile you can somewhat control the amount of heat the fireplace generates by placing more or less wood on the flames, the exact temperature often varies significantly. With a central heating system set up by an HVAC contractor, however, you can easily adjust the temperature by single digits with just a tap of the thermostat. Programmable capabilities also allow you to easily tailor your heating needs to fit a schedule; the system can automatically warm up when you’re normally at home and cool down when you’re out, saving energy and reducing the utility bills.

3. Firewood & Chimney Cleaning Expense Reduction

You don’t need to get rid of the fireplace to have a central heating system installed by an HVAC contractor. After all, the heating system can’t replicate the feeling of sitting by a roaring fire. What it can help reduce, however, is the amount of firewood and chimney cleanings you’ll have to pay for. Because you won’t be using the fireplace as the main source of heat, you’ll significantly cut back on firewood expenses. Similarly, you’ll also have the chimney cleaned less frequently because of the reduced use. You’ll save money and still get to reap the wonderful experience of sitting by a fireplace.


If you’re ready to take advantage of the consistent warmth of a central heating system, the HVAC contractors at Lenox Heating & Cooling in Chillicothe, OH, are ready to help. The company has offered expert heating and cooling services to Ross County for more than two decades and takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. With flat rates for most residential calls and convenient 24-hour emergency service, you’ll always have the assistance you need at a fair and transparent price. Visit their website for more information on their services, or call (740) 702-2665 to speak with a friendly representative today.

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