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5 Common Roofing Problems & How to Avoid Them February 3, 2019

Pearl City, Ewa
5 Common Roofing Problems & How to Avoid Them, Ewa, Hawaii

Your roofing protects your home and belongings from the weather, but for it to be effective, you need to look out for potential sources of damage. While you can’t prevent storms and accidents that might take a toll on shingles, you can take steps to extend your roof’s life and make repairs easier. Here are a few of the most basic ones.

5 Roofing Problems You Can Prevent

1. Leaks

The most common locations for leaks are around skylights and seams in the roof. The sooner they’re addressed, the easier they are to fix. Schedule professional roof maintenance and inspections yearly to catch problems early, and watch for signs of water damage in your attic, ceiling, or crawlspace directly under the roof.

2. Clogged Gutters

RoofingEven a roof that wouldn’t normally leak will let water in from underneath the shingles, which is what happens when gutters back up. Clean them regularly to avoid damage to your eaves, and consider installing gutter covers.

3. Tree Damage

You can’t prevent the heavy weather that could bring a branch down on your home, but you can keep an eye on the nearby trees. Make sure they’re healthy, remove any dead wood promptly, and trim back branches that come too close to your roof.

4. Ventilation Issues

Hot air rises, carrying any moisture with it. In your home, this means the area under your roof can become excessively humid, leading to mold and water damage. You can prevent this with roof and attic ventilation. Check your vents yearly to make sure they’re clear. Older homes may not have adequate ventilation, so you’ll need to install it.

5. Excess Heat

On sunny days, waves of light and UV radiation hit the roof continuously, heating it up, which warms up your home and raises air conditioning costs. To prevent this, add insulation under your roof or attic. You can also treat your roof with a UV-resistant coating, or choose a roofing material like metal that reflects heat and lowers cooling costs.


If you need help keeping your roofing in good shape, choose Tory's Roofing & Waterproofing in Pearl City, HI. Serving Oahu since 1972, they offer both commercial and residential service, with a focus on affordability, energy efficiency, and quality. To schedule a visit, call (808) 456-5990, or request a free estimate online. Don’t forget to ask about their All Roof Maintenance Program, which protects your roof for up to 5 years.

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