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Combine Essential Oils With a Nutritious Diet to Create a Healthy Body July 9, 2015

Wheatland, Platte
Combine Essential Oils With a Nutritious Diet to Create a Healthy Body, Wheatland, Wyoming

Essential oils are just that—essential. These oils can work together with a nutritious diet, exercise and herbal remedies to create a healthy body, something the woman behind Young Living Essential Oils with Jeanna of Wheatland, WY, can’t emphasize enough.

To supplement your essential oil use, follow these nutrition tips to ensure a long, healthy life:

  • Eradicate Temptation: Rather than keeping sugary and processed snacks in your home and fighting the urge to chow down every single day, resist temptation by avoiding these foods completely. If you aren’t surrounded by sugars and bad fats, you won’t have to hate yourself the morning after a late-night binge.
  • Pills Aren’t Everything: Sure, it helps (a lot) to take vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements, but they won’t erase a diet full of foods that aren’t good for you. Create balance by enjoying a varied, colorful diet stocked with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources in addition to taking daily vitamins.
  • Whole is Best: Whenever possible, go for whole foods, not their processed counterparts, and instead of cooking your veggies, try them raw. Some cooking techniques can destroy essential nutrients so raw whole foods are best. In other words, a huge salad laden with greens, various other veggies, nuts, and seeds is a beautiful thing.
  • Swap It Out: Another way to help your diet significantly is to “swap.” Replace butter with olive oil; exchange cow’s milk with almond or coconut milk; and replace breakfast toast with oatmeal...you get the idea.

These are merely few of the many essential nutrition tips designed to keep you healthy, happy, and looking great. Remember, your body is your temple—so treat it like it deserves to be treated!

For information more on pure essential oils, essential oil uses and how these oils can be combined with good eating habits, contact Young Living Essential Oils with Jeanna via the web site or by calling (307) 214-5004.

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