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4 FAQ About Septic Pumping Waste Disposal October 8, 2019

Waimanalo, Koolaupoko
4  FAQ About Septic Pumping Waste Disposal, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

If you have a septic tank for waste disposal, your system requires regular pumping to work as intended. During this septic system service, solid waste is removed from your septic tank and driven to a separate site for processing. Here’s what every septic tank owner should know about the process.

What You Should Know About Septic Tank Pumping

Why is septic pumping needed?

Unlike a sewer connection that completely removes both solid and liquid waste from your property, a septic tank separates solids from your wastewater. The liquids are allowed to continue to your drain field where they filter naturally through the soil while the solids collect in the tank. When the tank gets too full, it needs to be emptied.

How often do you need septic tank pumping?

Waste DisposalThe exact frequency depends on the size of your septic tank and the number of people in your home, but a good rule of thumb is to schedule waste disposal every two to three years. You’ll need a visit sooner if you use an unusual amount of water; for instance, if you run a business from your home that uses water, or if you do not use water-saving appliances and fixtures.

How long does septic pumping take?

Pumping is a fast process and can usually be completed in 20 to 40 minutes for a residential tank. However, if your tank has gone an excessively long time without cleaning, or if you have flushed items like baby wipes that clog the hoses used for pumping, it will take longer.

How can you tell if you’re overdue?

If your septic tank isn’t emptied in time, it may back up or leak. This leads to slow drains, wastewater coming back up the drain, pooling water in your yard over the tank or drain field, unpleasant odors, and especially large and healthy plants in the area of the septic tank. If you notice any of these signs, call a pumping contractor immediately.


For reliable septic pumping and waste disposal on Oahu, choose First Quality Environmental. Located in Waimanalo, they have almost 30 years of experience in septic system design, maintenance, and repair, with licenses in a number of related sub-specialties. To schedule a visit, call (808) 259-0100 or get in touch online.

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