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4 FAQ About Dealing With Ant Infestations January 16, 2019

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4 FAQ About Dealing With Ant Infestations, Dayton, Ohio

If you find yourself with an ant infestation, it’s important to contact a professional pest control service, as the problem will seldom go away on its own. Since ants are social creatures, once one enters your home, more are likely behind it. If you do face this problem, you’re probably wondering why it happened and what you can do to prevent it from occurring again. To better understand the situation, here are some answers to commonly asked questions about ant infestations. 

Common Questions About Ant Infestations

What ants are in my area?

There are currently 128 species of ants that call Ohio home. However, the three you will most likely encounter are pavement , carpenter, and field ants. All three are known to invade homes looking for food, but only carpenter ants will create permanent nests in a house. Field ants prefer to build mounds of dirt in open areas or live under logs or rocks. Pavement ants like to live under your slab homes or in crawl spaces. 

Why are ants attracted to my home? 

pest controlAnts are always on the lookout for two main substances: water and food. Excess moisture around the perimeter of your home will cause them to build nests nearby; however, if your house offers easy access to food, they’ll start to make their way inside. 

How can I get rid of them?

Once you know which type of ant has invaded your home, call a pest control expert for an effective solution. Although some can be run off with the aid of baits, others require treating the colony directly. This is not always straightforward because the colony could be well hidden or have several satellite spots. Several treatments might also be necessary to ward off invading ants from other properties. 

How do I prevent them from coming back?

After the pest control team performs their role, it’s up to you to prevent the ants from returning. Do this by regularly inspecting your exterior for damage and sealing even the tiniest cracks in your siding or around windows. Keep water from accumulating on your lawn, in your gutters, and in your landscaping features. Also, remember to wipe up crumbs immediately after cooking, store dry goods in tightly sealed containers, and avoid leaving pet food unattended for long periods of time. 


There’s no such thing as a solitary ant. If you see one, it’s only a matter of time before more are on their way. Act quickly to avoid an infestation and call AllPest Pest Control & Wildlife Removal in Lewisburg, OH. This family-owned and -operated company provides affordable termite and pest control services to residents throughout Preble, Darke, Montgomery, and Miami counties. Every exterminator is equipped with the latest products and technology, ensuring long-term solutions that you’ll be completely satisfied with. Schedule an inspection today by calling (937) 884-5646, or visit the website to learn more about their services.

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