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What to Do if You Get Locked Out of Your Car January 17, 2019

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What to Do if You Get Locked Out of Your Car, Dripping Springs-Wimberley, Texas

At some point, nearly every vehicle owner will lose their car keys and have to ring for a locksmith service. However, there are a few steps to take before making the call. Here are five tips to help you get back in your car and on the road as soon as possible.

5 Steps to Follow if You Get Locked Out

1. Retrace Your Steps

First, think back to when you last had the car keys. Were you in the house or at a store? Remain calm while retracing your steps, looking at the ground in case the keys fell out somewhere. Ask store staff if anyone turned in keys to the lost and found.

2. Call Someone With an Extra Key 

locksmith service Austin TXDoes someone else have another key to the vehicle? If so, call the person who has access to it and ask if they can come to your location. If they can’t, arrange for transportation to them via ride-hailing service, public transit, or a taxi so you can return to the car with the key. 

3. Check for a Spare

Some vehicle owners keep a spare key in a magnetic case attached to the outside of their vehicle, so they don’t have to call a locksmith service if they are locked out. Use this key if you have one and drive straight to a locksmith to get a second one made to replace the missing key.

4. Get Somewhere Safe

If the original key is nowhere to be found and there is no spare available, go somewhere safe while you wait. That may mean returning to a store or heading inside your home. If you’re in a parking lot, call a friend to let them know the location and remain in well-lit areas away from traffic.

5. Call a Locksmith

Finally, bring in an expert locksmith service to assess the situation. They’ll have all the tools and knowledge needed to open the lock and may even duplicate the key or fob on the spot.


Individuals in need of lockout assistance in Austin, TX, or the surrounding areas should contact One Call Lock & Key. Their 24/7 emergency locksmith service team is on hand to get you back in your car quickly without damaging the vehicle. Call (512) 353-1112 or visit the website for information on their competitively priced expert services from key replacements to lock repairs.

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