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4 Valuable Benefits of Signing a Prenuptial Agreement January 17, 2019

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4 Valuable Benefits of Signing a Prenuptial Agreement, Texarkana, Texas

When you’re planning a wedding, divorce is likely the furthest thought from your mind. However, talking to your future spouse about your expectations can actually make your bond stronger, while helping you avoid difficult disputes later on. Below are a few reasons to meet with a family law attorney to work out a prenuptial agreement.

Why Should Couples Consider a Prenuptial Agreement?

1. Retaining Control

If you do eventually get divorced, the state’s family laws will decide how the property will be divided, unless you can work the matter out privately. Unfortunately, reaching an acceptable compromise on these issues can be extremely difficult when emotions are running high, so settling matters beforehand is a better way to gain control over how your assets will be distributed.

2. Fostering Open Communication

family lawDiscussing the possibility of divorce before you’re even married is often difficult, but these conversations can bring issues to the fore before they cause problems in your relationship. Many couples find that talking openly about their hopes, fears, and concerns brings them closer together.

3. Getting a Head Start on Family Planning

If you plan on having children, it’s never too early to talk about whether either of you will stop working to take care of them full-time. A prenuptial agreement conversation gives you an opportunity to discuss issues like career goals, child support, and custody.

4. Sparing Stress & Legal Costs

A thorough prenuptial agreement drafted by a family law attorney essentially settles most of the problems that divorcing couples have to work through, which can make your life much easier if you do eventually split up. Instead of spending months negotiating and navigating the legal system, a prenuptial agreement will give you the opportunity to move on with less stress during an already difficult time.

Whether you’re filing for divorce or still planning your nuptials, the Anderson Law Firm provides the compassionate, detailed legal guidance their clients need. For over 20 years, they’ve helped northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas couples through a wide range of family law issues. Visit their website for more information on their services or call (903) 792-1229 to talk with a lawyer and schedule a consultation.

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