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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Fences January 16, 2019

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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Fences, Deep River, North Carolina

If you have a pet, you understand just how vital it is to take precautionary measures at home. Installing a fence is one of the surest steps you can take to ensure your furry friend remains safe and doesn’t encounter any unforeseen dangers. If you’re planning to hire a fence contractor, keep these important points in mind.

What Pet Owners Should Know About Fences

1. Height Plays a Role

One of the most critical factors to remember is that your pet can likely jump quite high—which means your fence contractor should install something tall enough to prevent this. Choose a fence that’s a little taller than the maximum height your pet can jump. You can even ask your specialist what they recommend; many installers have experience working with concerned pet owners. After your installation, don’t forget to move climbable objects, such as a birdbath or Adirondack chair, away from the fence.

2. Material Also Matters

fence contractorDon’t discount the material, either. Pets have a habit of chewing through different types of substances, and with some effort, they can gnaw their way through your fence! A chain link fence is a dependable option that’s tough for a dog to damage. Wood fences might be suitable if you have a smaller pet that isn’t strong enough to work their through the material. Vinyl fences are also an option that homeowners favor for their versatility and wide range of colors.

3. Aesthetic Fences Exist

Although the fence is largely designed to separate your pet from the potential threats of the outside world, you don’t need to focus solely on functionality. Fence contractors can provide you with options whose attractive design equals the practical purpose and can complement your home’s façade.

You might want to avoid entirely obstructing views, as pets sometimes enjoy gazing at the outside world. If you have a garden, make sure the fence doesn’t prevent ample sunlight from reaching that spot.


Pet owners have a responsibility to protect their furry friends! With that in mind, the team at Holman Fence is ready to assist you. Based in Kernersville, NC, these skilled fence contractors offer over 20 years of industry experience. The family-owned company installs everything from PVC to wood fences along with chain link and vinyl options. Depending on the unique needs of your pet and your property, they can help you select the most appropriate material. Visit their website to learn more or give them a call at (336) 650-9613.

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