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3 Strategies to Help Kids Solve Math Word Problems January 9, 2019

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Strategies to Help Kids Solve Math Word Problems, Queens, New York

Although many youngsters enjoy solving puzzles, understanding math word problems can be difficult for some kids. If they can’t separate the necessary elements from the extraneous points, it can be tricky to convert the information into a numerical equation and solve the problem. To ensure your child doesn’t fall behind in their studies, here are tips to help boost their problem-solving skills.   

How to Help Kids Grasp Math Word Problems

1. Focus on Finding the Keywords

Within the story, different words indicate what action the student is supposed to take to find the answer. Knowing what mathematical purpose these keywords serve will make it easier to picture the information as a numerical equation. For example, “and” often means elements need to be added together, while “product of” suggestions items need to be multiplied and “less than” means they need to be subtracted.

2. Outline a Plan of Attack

Forest-Hills-New-York-problem-solving-skills Although math word problems vary, all can be approached in the same way to find the answers. Having your child map out the information in a systematic way will make it easier to identify the clues. For example, after reading the material, they can write down a summary of what the problem is asking. Next, have them underline any words and numbers needed to answer that question. Doing so will help them eliminate unnecessary details. They can also draw a diagram to make it easier to visualize the information. After, they can use the data to create a numerical sentence and solve the problem. 

3. Remember to Practice

Your child’s problem-solving skills will improve with more attempts to solve word-based mathematical equations. Beyond helping with homework assignments, try to incorporate math word problems into real-world scenarios. When going to the grocery store, for example, create a question around how many items are in the shopping cart and how much money you want to spend at checkout. Your child can add and multiply prices to ensure the item total comes out to that price. 


If your child struggles with math word problems, contact the instructors at JEI Learning Center Forest Hills for help. Based in Queens, NY, the math tutors will teach your child how to break down information and analyze the material carefully to improve their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and strengthen confidence in their abilities. To inquire about math-based after-school programs the New York City learning center provides, call (718) 268-2890. You can also visit them online to view and download sample worksheets by age group. Become a Facebook follower for updated announcements and activities to improve problem-solving skills. 

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