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What Type of Toilet Should You Buy? January 17, 2019

Seguin, Guadalupe
What Type of Toilet Should You Buy?, Seguin, Texas

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or replacing a faulty model, you will need to select a new toilet for your plumber to install. This may seem straightforward, but with so many options available it may be daunting for homeowners to select the right style for their needs. Here are some advantages and features of toilets you should consider.

4 Types of Toilets You Should Consider

1. One-Piece

If you’re interested in a simple option, a one-piece toilet is an excellent choice. This style can be installed by your plumber quickly and, unlike multi-piece models, it’s easy to clean and maintain because it lacks the small crevices that could prove tricky to keep tidy. It also fits well into smaller bathrooms. They have lower seats, so they are ideal for families with children. If your bathroom renovation project is fairly modern, this is a sleek design option that will fit nicely into the scheme.

2. Two-Piece

plumberIf you favor a more traditional look, ask your residential plumbing expert about installing a two-piece toilet. This is also a popular option for homeowners on a budget. If you’re seeking areas to reduce costs on your remodeling project, investing in a two-piece will help cut your expenses without sacrificing quality or appearance. The advantage of a two-piece toilet over a one-piece is that you can replace the tank and bowl separately—saving you money—since they are two different pieces.

3. Wall-Hung

For a small bathroom or a powder room, a wall-hung toilet can prove a sensible alternative to basic one- and two-piece models. This design features a toilet bowl that is affixed to the wall. The tank is placed inside the wall, providing you with extra space. This style is easy to clean, both above and underneath, and its height can be customized since the brackets that support the bowl can be placed in varying positions. If a plumber needs to perform repairs, they can easily access the parts through an actuator plate on the wall.

4. Smart

Don’t overlook the potential of a smart toilet. These innovative devices offer features such as heated seats, hands-free flush mechanisms, deodorizers, and self-cleaners to make maintenance exceptionally easy. They’re also designed to consume less water, which means that you’ll see a difference in your monthly utility bills.


From basic installations to remodeling projects, the plumbers at A-1 Tri-County Plumbing are prepared to assist you. Based in Guadalupe County, TX, they’re proud to serve homeowners throughout the community. They can even help with other elements of your project, such as faucet, pipe, and sink installations, and they offer 24-hour emergency repairs when you need a plumber to arrive promptly. Visit their website to learn more about their commercial and residential plumbing services, or call (512) 353-8656 to speak to a member of their team.

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