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3 Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean January 16, 2019

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3 Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean, Wawayanda, New York

Hardwood is a beautiful flooring choice that can increase the value of your home. However, it must be well maintained to preserve your investment and avoid the need for costly repairs or replacement. Below is a list of tips that can help you clean and maintain the wood flooring in your home. 

How to Maintain Clean Hardwood Floors 

1. Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

wood flooringSweep high-traffic areas in your home on a daily basis, including around the front door and hallways. Vacuuming once a week will remove dust and debris and protect the finish of your hardwood flooring. Use an attachment with a brush to prevent scratching the surface.  

2. Use a Doormat

Leaving a long mat in every entrance around your home can help catch dirt and debris before it spreads across your wood flooring. Additionally, encourage guests and family members to leave their shoes on a rack by the mat. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your floors.

3. Purchase the Right Floor Cleaning Product

Store-bought cleaners and ammonia contain harsh chemicals that can inflict damage on your floors. Avoid using products with wax, oils, and alkaline, as they can leave a sticky and slippery residue behind and increase a slip-and-fall risk. These products can also strip your wood flooring of its natural finish. Instead, opt for chemical-free products such as water and soap, or vinegar and water solutions, as they will both preserve and clean your floors. 



Well-kept wood flooring will increase the value of your property and beautify your living space. If you’re interested in installing wood flooring in your new home, turn to the team at Floors Like Glass in Orange County, NY. For over 40 years, they have offered high-quality laminate and wood flooring installation at affordable prices. They also feature an impressive showroom with a variety of flooring options to meet all budgets and styles. Call (845) 294-9466 to schedule a flooring installation or visit their website to learn more about their full list of services. 

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