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3 Potential Causes of Sewer Smells in the Home January 16, 2019

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3 Potential Causes of Sewer Smells in the Home, Watertown, Connecticut

When you notice that unmistakable sewage stink in your home, you’ll want to address it immediately. In addition to being unpleasant for the family and embarrassing when you have guests, it indicates a more serious problem that needs to be fixed. Here are a few of the most common causes that mean it’s time for smoke testing to pinpoint the location of repairs.

Smoke Testing Guide to Strong Smells in the House

1. Malfunctioning Sewer Trap Plugs

The sewer trap, situated in the main drain line, is responsible for keeping sewer gases out of the home. The traps plug needs a firm seal to keep those gases from getting through. If the plug gets loose or is missing altogether, then it needs to be replaced. This will be a low-cost and easy repair that your smoke testing service can handle.

2. Blocked Vents

sewer cleaningThe vent system for the plumbing is meant to equalize the pressure caused in the sewer line, then release the gases safely outside the home. Any blocked vents will get backed up and build inside the house. Breathing too much of this gas can be harmful, so you’ll need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

3. Dry Water Barrier Trap

The barrier trap is another feature that’s designed to keep gases from the public sewer out of your home. The trap collects wastewater, which forms a barrier inside the drain. Once that dries out, the gasses are free to come into the building — the smell will be most pungent near the affected drain.  


The drain experts at American Rooter in Watertown offer expert odor and smoke testing for their customers throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. This service starts with a visual inspection of your plumbing, and then a pressurized smoke test if needed. Their full range of services also includes everything from drain repair to sewer cleaning. Contact them online or at (888) 863-4638 to schedule your appointment.

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