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4 Natural Sciatica Treatment Options to Explore February 14, 2019

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4 Natural Sciatica Treatment Options to Explore, North Pole, Alaska

Experts estimate that up to 40% of people will experience sciatica or lower back pain associated to the condition at least once in their lifetime. As a prevalent and widespread issue, it’s common for individuals to seek sciatica treatment in an effort to find pain relief. If you’re struggling with a herniated disc or bone spur that’s causing discomfort in your back and a tingling sensation in your lower extremities, but you’re hesitant to pursue prescription medication or surgery, here are a few natural sciatica treatments to try. 

Natural Ways to Treat Sciatica

1. Chiropractic Adjustments

Sciatica TreatmentIf the root cause of your sciatica is a herniated disc, on-going spinal adjustments with an experienced chiropractor can restore alignment, reduce inflammation, and relieve pressure. This treatment option, combined with stretching and physical therapy can alleviate symptoms over time. 

2. Therapeutic Massage

While massages are often considered a way to pamper yourself at the spa, the process also relaxes muscles, soothes soft tissue injuries, and helps with blood flow and pain reduction. As such, in combination with chiropractic care, it is a fantastic way to alleviate pain associated with pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

3. Stretching

Particular movements can result in additional inflammation and, in turn, a flareup of sciatica. To combat discomfort associated with your daily routine, embrace stretching in the morning and evening or attend yoga classes geared toward developing strong alignment, elongating muscles, and improving posture. 


North Pole Chiropractic, led by Dr. Jack Harrison D.C., has earned a 5-star rating with residents throughout the North Pole area of Alaska for providing unparalleled pain relief in a soothing environment. If you’re looking for effective sciatica treatment that stresses chiropractic health and natural, noninvasive solutions, call today at (907) 488 -1885 to book a same-day appointment. For more information on their commitment to creating individualized treatment plans for neck and back pain, visit this family care practice online

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