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3 Ways to Rainproof Your Windshield January 15, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Ways to Rainproof Your Windshield, Rochester, New York

Many new drivers don’t consider their windshield until an unexpected accident occurs and windshield repair is needed. However, with the spring rains coming in a few months, now’s the time to consider methods to help rainproof your windshield. Following these helpful tips will improve your visibility, keeping you and your passengers safe on wet roads.

How to Rainproof Your Windshield

1. Care for Your Wiper Blades

Wiper blades effectively combat heavy rains while driving. Over time, the rubber breaks down, the blades gradually lose contact with your windshield, and streaks are left behind, restricting your visibility. Manufacturers recommend replacing your wiper blades once or twice a year, or more as needed. Invest in quality blades each time. Not only will these last longer than cheaper alternatives, but they’ll also provide you with the cleanest sweeps as they push water out of your line of sight.

2. Apply Waterproofing Product

windshield repairDrivers should also apply waterproofing solutions, such as the popular Rain-X® or Aquapel®, to prevent rain from beading up on their glass. Before applying such products, clean your glass with an ammonia-based solution and dry it completely with a paper towel. Then apply the product in long passes, being careful to avoid scratches, until the entire area is covered. Once the product is dry to the touch, wipe it gently with a microfiber towel. Leave it to cure for a few hours before rinsing and drying it completely. 

3. Promptly Attend to Windshield Repair

Lastly, it’s wise for drivers to hire a professional auto glass installation company to make any necessary windshield repairs before the rainy season strikes. Even the smallest chips or cracks can spread across your windshield, making it significantly harder to see during a bad storm. Making these repairs and improvements now provides peace of mind that you’ll arrive safely at your destination.


The next time you need windshield repair, FB Glass in Monroe County, NY, will help. These experienced auto glass repair technicians handle everything from windshield crack and chip repair to total windshield replacement. They even help customers in the Greater Rochester Area apply for insurance claims and applicable financing opportunities. They also specialize in commercial glass repair and custom projects, including sourcing, shaping, and installing quality materials to ensure the final product meets your expectations. To learn more about their services, visit them online or give them a call today at (585) 441-1209.

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