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How Often Should You Schedule a Termite Inspection? January 16, 2019

West Columbia, Lexington
How Often Should You Schedule a Termite Inspection?, Lexington, South Carolina

If you suspect your home has a termite problem or the property has a history of damage from these pests, regular inspections by an exterminator can put your mind at ease. Knowing when and how often to schedule pest control services is an important step is stopping termites before they start. Use this brief guide for the best preventive strategy.

When to Call for a Termite Inspection

Buying & Selling

If you plan to buy a home or you are placing your current property for sale, a termite inspection with a pest control company will make real estate procedures easier. Buyers are more likely to place trust in a property when a recent termite inspection report proves that exterminators checked the property and employed preventive measures. This report and a home with no signs of termites will ensure the house sells without issue. 

History of Trouble

pest controlBut the time between buying and selling your home is just as important, as termite infestations happen more quickly than most people believe. Pest control experts agree that any homeowner, whether or not there has been a past problem, should have their structure inspected every one to two years to curb developing infestations. If you’ve had a termite issue before, an annual termite inspection will keep you on top of new infestations. The sooner you find any nests and eradicate them, the safer your home will be. 

Exterminators should definitely be called when signs of termites start to pop up. Warping or sagging wooden structures, such as door frames and flooring as well as holes and tunneling in these areas, point to termite activity. Also look for discarded wings or droppings, as this indicates that colonies have begun to form.


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