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3 Benefits of Mulch for Your Landscaping January 16, 2019

Sagamore Hills, Summit
3 Benefits of Mulch for Your Landscaping, Sagamore Hills, Ohio

Whether you’re an avid gardener or an amateur who’d rather not worry about landscaping, mulch can help you maintain a beautiful property and stand out in your neighborhood. Although it may just seem like wood chips, mulch has many benefits that it can bring to your home. Below are just a few of them. Learn about them and you’ll be ready to mulch your garden when spring arrives.

Top Reasons to Mulch Your Trees & Flower Beds

1. Retains Moisture

Your landscaping needs ample water to survive, but you may not have time to water it every day. A thick layer of mulch soaks up excess moisture and slowly releases it, sustaining your landscaping for longer. This is particularly helpful if you live in an area where hot, dry spells are an issue, as the mulch will keep roots from drying out and dying.

2. Limits Weed Growth

landscapingIn your gardens, there’s plenty of rich soil that can be welcoming to unwanted weeds. By mulching around your flowers, bushes, and trees, you limit the amount of sunlight that can reach the weeds. A thick layer of mulch also discourages any weeds that do sprout from breaking through to the surface. The result is pristine garden beds that are easier to upkeep, and less time spent weeding.

3. Beautifies Your Property

Your landscaping is the first impression you’ll make on neighbors and visitors, so you want it to be beautiful. Mulch accomplishes this in multiple ways. Its moisture-retaining capabilities keep your plants green and lush, and it helps prevent any weed growth that could spoil the view. It also gives all your garden beds a uniform appearance that grabs the eye.


If you’re ready to beautify your property with mulch, new landscaping, or regular lawn maintenance, work with the professionals at Rossi Landscaping in Cleveland. For more than three decades, they’ve been the go-to landscape experts in Northeast Ohio. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call a representative at (330) 467-2448. They can help you decide on a mulch type perfect for you. 

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