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A Brief Overview of Tile January 15, 2019

Holmen, La Crosse County
A Brief Overview of Tile , Holmen, Wisconsin

Tile is a popular option for interior design. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and offers a unique texture that naturally complements other materials in a room. Since National Tile Day is coming up on February 23, there’s no better time to explore the origins of this common construction material and discover how it can best be used in an upcoming project.

Where Did Tile Get Its Start?

Tile was first created back in 3300 BCE and was used to decorate public buildings and wealthy homes. It began to increase in popularity during China’s Shang Dynasty and was incorporated into roofing construction to protect against heavy rains. The first appearance of ceramic tile was in Spain and France, where it was mainly used for decorative purposes. As time went on, additional types of tiles were developed, and it eventually became an accepted component of interior design.

How Can Tile Be Used in a Remodel?

interior designHomeowners can use several different techniques to incorporate tile into an upcoming remodel. It can cover the entire back wall of the kitchen or bathroom and create an attractive contrast with the countertop. This material can also serve as an easy-to-clean flooring material that naturally resists stains and keeps the interior of a room looking fresh. Other ways you can use this material in the home include shower walls, countertops, and bathtub bases.

What Varieties Are Available?

Tile has come a long way over the years, and one of the most popular options on the market is porcelain. It offers a couple of different finishes, such as shiny glaze and matte finish, and can be made to look like natural stone. Another alternative is small mosaic tiles, which can completely transform the appearance of a tight space with their detailed floor design. The additional grout lines that this material requires will also provide enough traction to prevent slipping when the surface is damp.


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