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4 Common Mishaps That Could Break Your Glasses January 17, 2019

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4 Common Mishaps That Could Break Your Glasses, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

When your glasses suddenly break, you may find yourself in a frustrating situation. You will need to find a replacement pair quickly, as well as the money to pay for them. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this situation in the first place. By avoiding the following mistakes, you can keep your frames in top condition.

Avoid These Mistakes to Protect Your Glasses

1. Keeping Glasses in Your Pocket

Especially if you don’t need glasses for general sight, you might slip your frames into your pocket when they aren’t being worn. While this gets them out of the way for a moment, they can easily crack if you forget they’re there. Kick this habit by bringing your case along with you. Stash it in your bag or in your car to protect frames when they are not on your face. 

2. Sitting on Your Frames

glassesPeople sometimes toss their glasses onto the couch or onto their bed, only to forget that they did so. As soon as they sit down, they hear the all-to-familiar crack of the frames breaking. To avoid this mishap, place your glasses in their case or on a stable surface like a table.

3. Placing Your Lenses on Your Head

If you only need your glasses for reading or distance sight, you likely push your frames onto your head from time to time. While this might seem safe in the moment, the glasses can easily slip and break on the ground. If you are consistently taking your glasses on and off, use a chord and keep them around your neck.

4. Wearing Glasses During Sports

While you can certainly be athletic and wear glasses, it’s important to use caution. If you get hit with a ball or fall, this may break your frames. This is why it’s best to wear sports glasses. These are often made of an impact-proof material like polycarbonate. They are also designed to fit your head securely and have larger lenses for eye protection. Especially if you play contact sports, talk to your optometrist about buying these special products. 


When looking for glasses that fit your lifestyle, Virginia Ramsey Lind, OD can help. Dr. Lind has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, helping patients in Fairbanks, AK, see more clearly. She and her staff provide comprehensive eye exams for patients of all ages. Dr. Lind will also diagnose and treat a variety of eye diseases in her comfortable office environment. To learn more about her services, visit their office online today. You can also call (907) 456-8028 to make an appointment.

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