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What Factors Will Impact My Insurance Rates? January 15, 2019

Mount Healthy, Mount Healthy
What Factors Will Impact My Insurance Rates?, Mount Healthy, Ohio

When it comes to auto coverage, finding affordable insurance rates is important. That’s why it helps to know which factors impact your premiums, so you can make the right decisions to keep insurance costs low while remaining protected. The following are a few factors to consider if you feel you’re paying too much for auto insurance.

Your Driving Record

If you have a spotty driving history full of traffic violations and fender benders, your insurance rates are bound to go up. This is because most insurance companies will assume you to be higher risk, which means they’ll want to protect themselves against any future incidents. The best way to combat this issue is to insist on good driving at all times. Follow all traffic rules, drive at a reasonable rate of speed, and make sure your vehicle is properly maintained.

Make & Model of Your Car

Insurance RatesIn the same token, the type of vehicle you drive will also influence costs. While sporty cars are certainly fun, they’re also associated with higher risk. Choosing a less flashy vehicle with enhanced safety features will lower your premiums. If you’re in the market for a new car, keep this in mind. Also, ask your insurance agent about any discounts related to safety features, as these vary from company to company.

Daily Mileage

If you have a long work commute, your insurance costs will reflect it. Most companies assume that a driver who racks up greater annual mileage is open to more risks. To reduce the miles you put on your vehicle, create a work carpool or look into public transportation options in your region. This will also save on vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.


The team at Ohio Insurance Center Agency helps clients find the best insurance rates possible. They can also help high-risk drivers in Cincinnati obtain reliable coverage, which will help your driving record recover. They’ll assist you in acquiring SR-22 bond insurance, and they also work to keep insurance affordable for all drivers without sacrificing coverage quality. Take advantage of more than four decades of experience by calling (513) 522-6300 today. You can also visit them online to request a quote.

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