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5 Types of Garage Door Materials to Consider January 15, 2019

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5 Types of Garage Door Materials to Consider, Carlsbad, New Mexico

A garage door is more than an entryway. It protects the room’s contents and therefore contributes to your house’s safety and security while also playing a significant role in regards to curb appeal. If your current garage door has reached the end of its working life, it’s time to review your options. Overhead doors come in a range of materials, and each offers unique benefits.

5 Popular Garage Door Materials

1. Steel

Celebrated for its durability, affordability, and low maintenance, steel remains a top choice for garage doors. These doors are made of one to three galvanized steel layers, with less expensive doors featuring thinner steel panels. Those made of 24 or 25 gauge steel offer the most resistance to corrosion and dents. Steel doors can also be finished to look like wood.

2. Wood

The timeless beauty of wood keeps the material in demand despite higher costs. Wood is easy to customize with paint and stain, and it offers excellent insulating properties. Cedar and redwood are among the most common wood garage doors thanks to their classic appeal and durability.

3. Fiberglass

A versatile material capable of resembling wood, fiberglass garage doors feature aluminum casings to protect them from damage. They surpass steel regarding dent resistance, and they are also impervious to corrosion.

4. Aluminum

garage doorsAnother garage door material that will not corrode is aluminum. Lightweight yet durable, aluminum is ideal for two-car garages requiring more door material. Keep in mind the thicker versions offer greater dent resistance than thinner panels.

5. Wood Composite

Wood composite garage doors contribute to an eco-friendly residence because they are made of recycled wood fibers. They combine the durability of steel with the beauty of wood to create a customizable door that will not rot.


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