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4 Popular Burger Toppings January 16, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
4 Popular Burger Toppings, Honolulu, Hawaii

When ordering a burger for lunch or dinner, the ability to pick its toppings can make your dining experience all the more enjoyable. Whether you love a classic burger with standard toppings or prefer a customized combination of accoutrements unique to your own tastes, topping selections add a personal touch able to satisfy all cravings. But which toppings are burger lovers most likely to recommend?

4 Preferred Burger Toppings

1. Cheese

When talking about American food, you can’t ignore the classic combination of cheese and a burger patty. The cheeseburger has enamored so many people over time, it’s become a staple on most menus. If you’re not a fan of cheddar or American cheese, don’t worry! There are so many varieties of cheese, so you’re bound to eventually find one that’s better suited for your taste buds. From provolone to pepper jack, you won’t run out of options to try.

2. Bacon

burgerA lot of people love bacon all by itself, but it takes on a whole new identity as a popular burger topping. Bacon burger lovers appreciate how bacon’s unique flavors can enhance a burger’s overall taste. Whether you like your bacon smoked, thick, or maple glazed, you can’t go wrong with this classic topping.

3. Spicy Selections

If you’re someone who appreciates a spicy burger, you’re not alone. Sriracha and jalapeños are popular spicy toppings among burger lovers who want to turn up the heat on their taste palates. Habaneros, green chili peppers, and pineapple salsa are also surefire ways to add an extra spicy kick to your meal.

4. Extra Condiments

Although a classic burger usually includes standard toppings like lettuce, tomato, and onion, condiment preferences can still vary from person to person. While some like their burgers with a little ketchup or mayo, others may prefer barbecue sauce or honey mustard. You can also combining two or more to come up with your own condiment flavors.


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