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What Are the Do's & Don'ts When Driving a Truck? January 16, 2019

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What Are the Do's & Don'ts When Driving a Truck?, Columbia, Ohio

Whether you’re an experienced trucker or just getting started at a truck driving school, there are a few essential guidelines that you should always follow, no matter what point you reach in your career. Sticking to these guidelines every time you get behind the wheel of a rig will help minimize accidents and might even save lives. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of driving a truck.


Stay healthy.

Being on the road most of the time can limit your options for healthy food and result in severe lack of exercise over time. If this situation goes unaddressed, it won’t be long before it takes its toll on your health. Instead of eating fast food at the truck stop, use a portable stove to make healthy meals while you’re on the road. When you get to a rest stop, take some time to go for a short walk or run and work out for a few minutes.

Remain alert.

Being alert is a cardinal rule of driving, regardless of whether you’re operating a truck. If you feel drowsy or sleepy, don’t force yourself to stay awake, as this can result in serious accidents. Instead, stop, take a nap, or go for a brisk walk before getting back on the road.

Check the weather.

truck driving schoolMake it a habit to plan your route and assess its viability, depending on factors like road conditions and weather. If the weather forecast predicts heavy precipitation over a treacherous stretch of road, either delay the trip or re-route for safety.


Change lanes frequently.

Truck driving schools will teach you the importance of staying in your lane, and there’s a good reason for doing so. Keep in mind that you’re operating a massive trailer with several blind spots around you, so it’s easy to miss smaller vehicles. Shift lanes only when you have a wide berth, and don’t swerve to avoid skittering animals on the road; instead, slow down as much as you can.  

Flash your lights.

Unless necessary, avoid flashing your high beams when driving in the dark. Doing so can temporarily blind oncoming drivers and cause them to drive off the road. If you need to communicate with other drivers, quickly switch your headlights on and off to warn them of upcoming dangers.   

Disregard road rules.

Truck driving schools always emphasize following road rules. Stick to speed limits and stay in the rightmost lane whenever possible. Maintain at least twice the usual distance between you and the vehicle in front to allow more room and time when coming to a stop.  


Follow these do’s and don’ts for a safe truck driving experience. If you’re ready for a rewarding career on the road, enroll at Great Lakes Truck Driving School. Located in Columbia Station, OH, they are a premier truck driving school that offers a range of classes, such as CDL training and pipeline safety courses. Call (440) 236-3436 or visit their website to learn more about their programs.

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