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4 Benefits of Working with an Insurance Agency January 15, 2019

Houston, Texas
4 Benefits of Working with an Insurance Agency, Houston, Missouri

When you need to buy an insurance policy, you typically have two primary options. You can choose to work with an insurance agency or buy coverage through an online insurance website. Neither has a distinct price advantage, but the online option is convenient since you can get covered without leaving home. However, working with an insurance agency has its advantages, as well. Below are some of the top reasons to do so.

4 Reasons to Choose an Insurance Agency

1. Great Advice

An insurance agent can provide expert advice regarding coverage, limits, deductibles, and more that you won't receive if you simply fill out an online form. An agent may suggest additional business coverage you hadn't considered or suggest premium discounts for which you might qualify.

2. Local Expertiseinsurance agency in Houston, MO

Your area may have particular insurance requirements that a local insurance agent will know and advise you about. An insurance website may be headquartered in another state—possibly even another country—with little understanding of the needs and requirements policyholders in your region face. For instance, most homeowners insurance policies do not include flood insurance, but many areas of Missouri are located in a floodplain. A local agent will know this and offer recommendations based on your location.

3. Accessibility

Many insurance policies are quite complicated. If you ever find yourself confused or uncertain about your coverage, you can contact your agent to ask for clarification. They’re nearby if you care to stop into the office, or they're easily reachable on the phone during office hours. There's no need to submit an email and wait indefinitely for a response.

4. Advocacy

An insurance agency will often act as your advocate if you have to file a claim or wish to change your policy. They will be a go-between and work on your behalf when dealing with the insurer. For many people, after the trauma of a home break-in or automobile accident, it is preferable and much more convenient to file a claim with someone with whom they already have a relationship than with a stranger.


For invaluable guidance designing an insurance policy, contact Mitchell Insurance Agency LLC in Houston, MO. They have been serving clients throughout Texas County for more than 65 years, specializing in home, life, business, auto, and farm insurance. Visit their website to view a map and business hours or call (417) 967-2140 to request a quote.

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