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Important Do's & Don'ts of Decluttering January 15, 2019

Saratoga, Wood
Important Do's & Don'ts of Decluttering, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Decluttering will freshen up your property while transforming the mood and functionality of the space. If you’re tired of extra items around the house, you may be ready to send some to storage and get rid of the rest. For those ready for a home refresh, follow these do’s and don’ts for a smooth process.


Stay organized.

The four-box method of decluttering will help you stay organized. Start with four boxes, and devote each one to items you want to keep, store, donate, and discard. You can create a pile of items you’re unsure of what to do with, but you should place them in a box before moving on to the next area to avoid keeping unnecessary items.

Recycle and repurpose. 

storageWhen it comes to items you want to discard, make a point of recycling any glass, paper, or plastic products. Contact your local waste management company about how to safely recycle electronics. Donate old clothes, shoes, and furniture to local charities, or hold a yard sale to make some extra cash.


Buy before you organize.

Though shelves, cabinets, and containers assist with organization, it doesn’t make sense to buy them before you sort through your items. Once you declutter and know what you plan to keep, you’ll have a more accurate idea of what storage solutions you should purchase.

Rush yourself.

Try not to cram your decluttering project into a single day, as moving and organizing items becomes exhausting. Make the process less stressful and strenuous by devoting a few hours a day to the task over a week or two.


Whether you need storage after decluttering or for a big move, Storage Unlimited provides secure and dependable spaces. For the past 25 years, they have offered climate-controlled solutions, including RV and portable storage, to commercial and residential customers throughout Wisconsin Rapids. Call (715) 325-7867 to inquire about rates, and visit them online to reserve a self-storage space. 

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