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How to Add Wine to Your Date Night Plans January 17, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
How to Add Wine to Your Date Night Plans, Kalispell, Montana

Nothing enhances a date night like the perfect bottle of wine. Choose one based on the food you’re having and the mood you want to set. You don’t have to be an expert to make a great selection. Here are three types of wine that will make date night terrific.

3 Ideas for Including Wine With Your Date Night

1. Cozy Date by the Fire

On a cold fall or winter night, relax in front of the fireplace or on the couch for movie night with a glass of a full-bodied red wine. It’s the perfect complement to steak or even your favorite stew or chili. Many red wines are best served at room temperature but check the label.  

2. Special Celebration

wineBirthdays and anniversaries call for celebratory bubbles. Choose real French champagne for an extravagant touch or a sparkling white wine from Spain called Cava. A sparkling rose is fun and looks beautiful in a glass, too. If you choose something bubbly, serve it in a champagne flute. If your bottle has a cork, remove it by easing it out of the bottle gently with a towel wrapped over the top. This will help you avoid flying corks and spilled champagne.   

3. Just Desserts

If you and your beloved prefer to skip straight to dessert, white wine is your perfect accompaniment. Pair it with a fruit pie, a light sorbet, or a custard or vanilla-flavored dessert. A crisp, dry white will complement sweeter desserts without being cloying. You could also choose a sweet white if you’d like wine to stand on its own as dessert.


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