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5 Home Features to Add for a Rustic Chic Look January 15, 2019

North Haven, New Haven County
5 Home Features to Add for a Rustic Chic Look, North Haven, Connecticut

The rustic chic look incorporates country-style accents, such as mason jar centerpieces, cowhide-wrapped benches around a dinner table, and faux antler accents on the wall. To get this look in your home, start with modern furniture—leather couches and wood side tables—and later hire home builders to add old-fashioned charming accents. Below are five rustic accents you can add to your home.

Rustic Accents Your Home Builders Can Add

1. Barn Sink

A barn sink is a wide, deep sink with a sharp rectangular shape. Add one during your kitchen remodel project to create an effect similar to that in a barn. This is a functional addition to your kitchen, as you’ll have more sink space for dishes and food prep.

2. Refurbished Wood Island

The key to this feature is to find a slab of wood that shows character, but can still be smoothed out into a safe, usable kitchen surface. The stains, dents, and notches of long use and weathering create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your kitchen.

3. Wooden Ceiling Beams

Home BuildersExposed beams create a homey and old-fashioned appearance for your living space, while also adding visual interest to a high ceiling. You don’t need to expose the actual structure of your home; instead, you can add wooden beams to recreate the look.

4. Iron Chandelier

This piece is especially effective if it uses imitation candles. Fit them with warm-colored bulbs to soften the room and enhance the rustic feel. Alternatively, you can choose a wooden chandelier or hanging lamps with woven basket shades for slightly different variations on the rustic theme.

5. Sliding Barn Door

If you’re up for a major remodeling project, have your home builders replace a door or full wall with a sliding barn door. This opens a space that was previously sealed, while keeping the rooms divided when needed.



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