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What to Know Before Buying a Home That Needs Mold Removal January 23, 2019

What to Know Before Buying a Home That Needs Mold Removal, ,

Buying a house is an exciting milestone, but it’s also accompanied by a considerable amount of responsibility. As you look at a possible living space, you’ll have to search for more than just charm and style—you’ll also need to look out for red flags, such as pest infestations and mold growth. If you come across a home with the latter, you don’t necessarily have to cross it off your list. Use the following guide to make a smart decision when considering a property that needs mold removal.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Mold-Ridden Home

1. Where to Look for Mold

The fungi known as mold is most likely to grow in dark, damp places, and it can flourish in many other spaces as well. When you look at bathrooms, check around faucets, knobs, and in tile grout for greenish, grayish, or black speckles. You may also encounter the fungus in basements, crawlspaces, and attics, or along decks and porches. If you see mold, point it out to the person showing you the house, and ask to take a picture.

2. How It Will Affect the Home’s Value

mold removalIn the majority of cases, visible mold growth will immediately warrant a drop in price. As you might expect, a home in need of mold removal either has issues with water damage, plumbing problems, or just hasn’t been well taken care of. All of these causes warrant a lower selling point, but they may turn you off from the property altogether.

3. You Can Still Buy It

If you are still in love with a property despite visible mold growth, you don’t have to burst your own bubble. With the help of a mold removal professional, you can make the house a fungi-free home. Plus, by negotiating with the seller and expressing the need to invest in mold removal services, you’ll be able to snag your dream property at a lower price.

If you’re interested in purchasing a home that needs mold removal, get in touch with Henry’s Services in Anchorage, AK. They specialize in everything from fire and water damage restoration to mold remediation, so you can enjoy your property no matter what natural challenges it faces. They also offer 24-hour emergency service, so you can receive help whenever you need it. For more information on their offerings, follow them on Facebook, or call (907) 344-4200 to make an appointment.

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