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What Is a Pupu Plate? January 8, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
What Is a Pupu Plate?, Honolulu, Hawaii

When you go out for Hawaiian or Chinese food, a whole section of the menu is often dedicated to pupus. These meat and seafood appetizers may be known as the main attraction at a restaurant, bar or grill. Learn more about this delicious way to start a meal in the guide below.

The History of Pupu Plates

Chinese FoodWhile pupu plates are often associated with Chinese food today, they started in Hawaii. The Hawaiian word “pū-pū” originally meant shellfish, but the meaning expanded to small bites of food served as appetizers. This can include poke, shrimp, sushi, and a wide range of meat-based finger foods, sometimes in large enough quantities for a full meal, or “heavy pupus.” Eventually, this style of appetizer made its way to the mainland, and was picked up by Chinese restaurants. Pupus also remained prominent in the Hawaiian Islands.

Popular Pupu Dishes

Pupu plates are meat-focused, so chicken, steak, pork, sausage, fish, shrimp, and calamari are common. Egg rolls and potstickers are also standard choices in Chinese food establishments . Depending on where you eat, you may find more unusual offerings like chicken gizzards and even escargot.


For tasty pupus in Honolulu, HI, visit 8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille. Serving the island of Oahu since 1986, the menu at this family-friendly pub includes both heavy and light pupus along with a full selection of mouthwatering Chinese food. While enjoying the delicious fare, you can pass the time with darts, pool, or karaoke. Browse their menu online, and preview their dishes on Yelp. You can also call (808) 596-2779 to make a reservation or order takeout today. Keep up with their restaurant updates and specials on their Facebook.

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