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How to Keep Static Out of Hair During Winter January 15, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
How to Keep Static Out of Hair During Winter, Manhattan, New York

In winter, it’s normal for hair to appear duller when compared to the rest of the year. The lack of moisture in the air dehydrates locks and allows them to pick up an electrical charge, causing flyaways. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep hair hydrated and prevent wintertime static between professional treatments at your local hair salon

How to Care for Your Hair & Prevent Winter Static

Use Moisturizing Products

Humectants keep hair hydrated and prevent the electrical charge that leads to static. Oils, anti-flyaway sheets, and hair masks, for example, restore the moisture lost after spending time in the open air. Leave-in conditioners are another wintertime essential. Not only are they lightweight and heat protecting, but they also deliver the moisture needed to keep your hair silky and soft all season long. 

Switch to Wooden Styling Tools

hair salonIf you often use plastic brushes and combs to style hair, stop using these tools during the winter months. Plastic conducts electricity that causes annoying flyaways. Use wooden combs and brushes with bristles made of natural materials to keep locks styled without the added static. The stylists at your local hair salon can recommend specific products to use.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Although shampoo is formulated to remove grime and product buildup, it also washes away the natural oil in your hair. The dry, brittle strands attract an electrical charge easily, so avoid daily cleansing. Washing a few times a week will keep locks clean and moisturized. Opt for shampoos designed for dry hair, as these contain aloe vera, argan oil, and other moisturizing ingredients. 


Whether you want a new hairstyle to turn heads this season or restorative treatments to repair winter damage, contact the stylists at Bloom Beauty Lounge. Based in New York City, this hair salon uses organic hair products to combat static, increase hydration, and leave locks voluminous and radiant. Visit the Chelsea hair salon online for first-time booking information and call (212) 255-9355 to schedule an appointment. Like them on Facebook to see photos of clients’ new looks. 

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