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3 Ways Hardwood Floors Can Make Small Rooms Feel Larger January 15, 2019

Peace Haven, Winston
3 Ways Hardwood Floors Can Make Small Rooms Feel Larger, Winston, North Carolina

Decorating a small room is a tricky process when you want to make the space feel larger. Although many homeowners remember minor steps like painting the walls cooler colors, they tend to overlook how the flooring can impact the size. If you are adding new hardwood floors to a room with limited square footage, use the design tips below to avoid making it feel crowded. 

How to Make a Room Feel Bigger With Hardwood Floors

1. Select Darker Materials

Light colored walls and trim will make a room feel more spacious, but to maximize the effect, you’ll need to have some contrast. Dark hardwood floors—such as Brazilian cherry, maple, or walnut—add dimension and will make the walls visually extend outward.

2. Install Wide Planks

hardwood floorsWhen you are deciding on the right hardwood floor, don’t forget to compare plank sizes. The width of the wood can change the perception of the room. Wider planks make the space feel like it has more room to breathe and thus is larger than it appears. However, don’t go excessively wide, as this might make the area feel disproportional. 

3. Lay Boards Diagonally

A neat trick for smaller rooms is to lay hardwood panels at a 45-degree angle against the walls. When you enter the area, this causes you to automatically be faced with the longest length, which makes your eyes and brain interpret the space as larger than it actually is. 


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